Who we are

With over 2.5 million apps in the app stores, enormous competition exists placing tremendous pressure on appreneurs, as many apps are crushed into specs of dust. Only the brightest and strongest survive. Turn your app into a diamond with unyielding strength that outshines everything around it. Diamond App Group is a diverse, global team of experts with over a decade of combined experience in all aspects of app development, ASO, and marketing. We leverage our breadth and depth of experience to apply best practices across the entire spectrum of an app’s performance.

We collaborate without compromise

and we love what we do

Every project reflects our commitment to quality

A team of experts


We build digital solutions.


Partnerships are a key growth engine in the app business. Our B2B model identifies your app’s core strengths, and finds the right partners to help promote them.



We use market research, data analytics, and extensive review of user feedback to gain a deep understanding of your customer; and then we develop what your customer wants.



We use proprietary algorithms perfected by years of trial and error and design, to optimize your app’s keywords, overall store presence, and search visibility



We create best-in-class interface quality for your app with Material Design, allowing for a seamless user experience.



Our Search Engine Optimization techniques provide maximum exposure to your website and help you rise above the competition.